LEED and Sustainability

Bexar County Adult Detention Center Annex, Solar Project

San Antonio, Texas

One of the largest systems of its kind in the United States, and the largest in Texas, this solar domestic hot water system boasts 216 evacuated tube collectors, pumps, flow controls, temperature sensors, and a 20,000 gallon storage tank. It provides hot water to showers, kitchen, laundry, and sinks. It serves as the primary source of hot water for the over 1700 inmates housed at the facility. The cost of the solar collection system was approximately $1 million. A total cost of $4.4 million also included upgrading and replacing roofs, roof top air handling units, and electronic digital controls for the air conditioning system. The Bexar County Energy Manager estimates an annual cost savings of $30,000 to $60,000 resulting from this installation.

Robert G. Cole High School, Fort Sam Houston ISD

Fort Sam Houston, Texas


The renovations to Cole High School allowed the Owner to achieve LEED Silver Certification. The project was San Antonio's first LEED Silver Certified school. The goal was to design energy efficient, sustainable systems to reduce operating costs and improve the overall environment for all those utilizing the facility. A high efficiency HVAC system is installed and is designed to prohibit mold grow through restricting relative humidity in both occupied and unoccupied spaces. Plumbing fixtures and systems are low consumption. Energy efficient light fixtures and energy-saving occupancy sensors for lighting are used throughout the facility.  To learn more about this project, read the U.S. Green Building Council, Central Texas Chapter, Project Profile

Photos courtesy of McCall & Associates-AIA-Architects